About Me

Fiachra ProfileMy name is Fiachra O’Regan. I am from Ireland but moved the lovely St-Justin in Quebec recently. This business came out of a passion to design and create things out of wood.

My father was a carpenter and I have been messing around with bits of wood since I can remember. I graduated from Letterfrack Furniture College in 2004 with a higher certificate in furniture design & manufacture. During my holidays in the course of my studies I worked with a carpentry company. After graduating, I went to Sligo where I got a job with K wood, a company who mainly made timber gates and doors to order. Here I learned the basics of joinery and gained experience in fitting. After some time there, my work colleague (and soon to be mentor) left the company to start his own company making bespoke stairs and I ran the shop alone for some time.

I later left K Wood for a move to Galway where I spent 1 year working for Myles Parks projects, a successful company specializing in office furniture, pharmaceutical furnishings and hotel fit-outs. Here I gained a huge amount of experience as the company was structured in a way that each employee took a job sheet and then became responsible for that project from start to finish. Because of the nature of the orders we had to be very resourceful and think of solutions to complex manufacturing problems.

In the meantime, the aforementioned colleague was becoming busy with his new enterprise and I made a move back to Sligo to work with him. This was the most exciting work I had ever taken part in, most of the contracts were for stairs, but each was very unique and required advanced skills. Charlie was an amazing mentor in how he would put trust in me by giving me a task that could cost thousands in time if I made a mistake, It pushed me and made me realise that, with enough skill and practice, anything is possible. One such project was a beautiful curved stairs, the inner string of which had a very small diameter, We made it from laminated strips, the finish was oak, but we had to use pine for the internal laminates so it would bend around the jig we built. During the job I asked Charlie how it was going to work, he answered we’ll see – I’ve never done this before Needless to say, it worked out perfectly (to be the most beautiful stairs I have ever seen).

My time from here took me in other directions, partly because of the market not being so good in Ireland for my profession, and also because I am a musician and decided to spend more time playing music and making a living from it. I also got into web design during this time which suited me well as It allowed me the flexibility to do music tours, and also to work from anywhere.

In 2014 I moved to Quebéc with my family and took on the renovation of our first home and this reawakened my passion to create with my hands once again – There was born La petite remise