How I work

My passion is to create, to learn and to explore horizons. I believe that each problem has a unique ideal solution, and this is my approach to my work.

In my work I like to find out what I can about your needs, problems and tastes (just in relation to the project) and try to arrive at the solution that best suits you.

I am very happy for you to come to me with a specific request for something I have not done before, and if I can I will cater for it.

I have a very small and basic workshop, but have good tools, and skills to use them efficiently to be able to handle a broad range of woodworking tasks. If I feel I am not equipped for a project, or that a shop with more equipment would get the job done in a more efficient manner, I will I will always let you know, as this can and does occur

The process for one off or custom requests:

  • An initial meeting to talk about the project, find out your tastes and needs, look at the space that the piece will occupy, and perhaps take measurements
  • I will do a certain amount of research, and come up with broad design ideas and come back to you with the result and a price
  • If you choose to go ahead I go into more specifics of design (depending on the project size) and may request photo’s/links of styles that you like
  • Once a design is agreed I can give an estimated date of delivery, If you have an urgent need I can do only my best to accommodate it, but will let you know if it will not be possible.
  • The items I make are designed to last – If they don’t, through fault of the design or fabrication I will consult to repair or replace the item as fit.